Review for New Work on Dark Circles Contemporary Dance

“Backlights pierced through a fog of mysterious silhouettes as Dregs began. Not only did choreographers Mark Caserta and Mikey Morado create a mesmerizing visual manipulation of movement, but the team also succeeded in inventing an unsettling yet hypnotic world for these dancers to exist within.” -Emily Sese, Theater Jones



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Dance Reviews:

-Complexions Contemporary Ballet for NY Dance Stuff

“As it begins we find Mark Caserta on stage in a pool of light, the supple movement of his upper torso was a thing of wonder, facing away from the audience he executed a series of slow moves that had the muscles rippling on his back, rolling and undulating as if of their own accord. Mr. Caserta has a beautiful lyricism to his movements that allows him to flows like honey from one shape to the next. His arms and feet are in constant motion; he executes a flawless pirouette of multiple turns, landing in a wide forth and arches his back as a majestic sweep of his arms flows over his head and stretches behind him.” -NY Dance Stuff

-Complexions Contemporary Ballet for

“However, the evening’s choreographic bright spot was the world premiere of “Memories,”…A snazzy duet for two men created by Camille A. Brown and brilliantly performed by Mark Caserta and D. Gary W. Jeter II…” -Lisa Jo Sigolla

-Complexions Contemporary Ballet for the LA Times

“The program included another emotive pas de deux, “Testament,” and the more classical but banal duet, “Choke.” Terk Waters, Mark Caserta and Ashley Nicole Mayeux were standouts among these uncommonly outstanding dancers.” -Laura Bleiberg

-Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal for Bachtrack

“Itzik Galili’s Mono Lisa featured Céline Cassone with Mark Francis Caserta in a duet…It was impressive partnering with Caserta whipping Cassone around and overhead…Caserta’s dancing was very good here, whilst he was powerful and showed great control.” -Andrew Blackmore-Dobbyn


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